Local staff apparently have to go to the Taliban tribunal

Local staff apparently have to go to the Taliban tribunal

“Teaching traitors a lesson”.

The fears that former local workers will be persecuted in Afghanistan seem to be proving to be true. According to media reports, helpers from the foreign troops were called in by the regime.

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According to a Dutch media report, the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan have served court summons to former members of the international troops.

As the TV station NOS reported on Friday evening, the families received summonses from former interpreters living in hiding. It threatens the relatives with severe sentences if the local staff do not appear before a tribunal themselves. The aim is to “teach other traitors a lesson”.

NOS showed one of the letters. This was addressed to a former local employee of the European police authority Europol in Afghanistan. The man is accused of working as a translator for foreigners and of having accepted their “dishonorable and forbidden money”.

“We will take revenge”

Another letter to a former interpreter reads: “We will take revenge. If we do not manage to catch you, we will sort it out with your relatives.” According to NOS, everything points to an authenticity of the letters, which are provided with official stamps.

According to its own information, NOS has contact with around a dozen former local employees in the Netherlands. The situation in the country after the Taliban came to power in mid-August is becoming increasingly dramatic.

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