Logan Paul explains why he started boxing and not MMA

Logan Paul explains why he started boxing and not MMA

The famous video blogger Logan Paul told why he began to conduct professional boxing fights, and not perform in MMA, even though he was a little fond of wrestling and mixed martial arts.

“I didn’t choose boxing, boxing chose me. Honestly, I was forced to box, but then I became very interested in this sport. In truth, the body is much easier in boxing compared to MMA. MMA is damn hard.

During wrestling training, my knees hurt. I am already old for this. My upper body is strong and always has been. But MMA is very tough and my lower body knows it, ”Paul said.

Recall that Logan had only one fight in the professional ring, which took place on November 9, 2019 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and lost by a split decision to another video blogger nicknamed KSI. On June 6th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Paul will face ex-five-weight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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