Long list of allegations: US justice indicts 15 rioters


Long list of allegations
US judiciary charges 15 rioters

The rioters at the Capitol feel so safe that most of them don’t even try to go undetected. Some might regret it now. The federal prosecutor wants to try them. Among them is the man who raged in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

After the storm on the US Capitol, the US judiciary brought charges against 15 rioters at the federal level. According to the US Department of Justice, among the accused is a man from Alabama who, among other things, carried an unregistered firearm. Attorney Ken Kohl said more weapons and eleven Molotov cocktails were found in his truck near the Capitol.

The man who broke into the office of House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also charged. Another rioter hit a member of the Capitol Police as he made his way into the convention building. A third accused entered the Capitol with a loaded gun, caliber 9 mm. Other defendants are charged with forcibly entering the parliament building and disturbing the public peace.

60-year-old Richard Barnett, who broke into Democrat Pelosi’s office, posed for the cameras and left an offensive message, was arrested in the state of Arkansas, according to prosecutors. Among other things, he has to answer for theft of public goods. The pro-arms activist Barnett was not very guilty in an interview: “This is my desk. I’m a taxpayer,” he told a news channel from his home state.

Further charges are to follow

The prosecution announced numerous other arrests and charges. “We have literally hundreds of prosecutors and employees working around the clock from three command centers,” said Attorney Kohl.

Critics have also brought legal action against the outgoing US President Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani into play. Trump had called on his supporters before the session of Congress on Wednesday to protest against the election result. In court, however, he will probably not have to answer for it: “We do not expect any accusations of this kind,” said Kohl.

Angry Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday. Because of the riots, the parliamentarians had to be brought to safety. One protester was shot dead by the police, and three other people were killed in medical emergencies in the vicinity of the parliament building. On Thursday, a police officer also died from his injuries after an attacker hit him on the head with a fire extinguisher.

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