“Look at that! Look!”: Fighter jet intercepts aircraft during Trump speech

“Look at that! Look!”: Fighter jet intercepts aircraft during Trump speech

During an election campaign appearance by US President Donald Trump, a plane penetrates the airspace above the venue – and initially does not respond to radio messages. Only an F-16 fighter jet can use signal lights to induce the pilot to turn. Trump thinks this is a show.

During a campaign speech by US President Donald Trump in Arizona, an aircraft violated the airspace of the event. The North American Air Defense Command announced that an aircraft had entered a restricted area around the Bullhead City venue and did not respond to radio messages. The pilot only reported when the F-16 fighter jet had used signal lights. The machine was escorted from the restricted area without further incident.

Trump also became aware of the incident. At one point he interrupted his speech, looked up at the sky and assumed that the fighter jet pilot had wanted to show off to him. A short time later, TV pictures apparently showed smoke from the fired signal lights, which visibly pleased Trump: “Look at that! Look, look, look! Look at this: You gave the president a little demonstration.”

The founder of the Brexit party, Nigel Farage, was among the guests at another event in Arizona. Trump called the Briton “King of Europe” during his campaign appearance in the city of Goodyear. He asked Farage on stage and called him “one of the most powerful men in Europe”. Trump joked in front of the crowd in the presence of the British right-wing populist: “He’s a very undisputed person, isn’t he?” and added, “Very shy.”

When Farage picked up the microphone, he replied to Trump that he was neither one nor the other – and emphasized: not “compared to them”. Farage said he came to the US four years ago “to get the Brexit message across that the establishment can be defeated, and that is exactly what Donald Trump did”.

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