Lopez hinted at feelings for Affleck in an unusual way

Lopez hinted at feelings for Affleck in an unusual way

Apparently, the wedding of celebrities will soon take place.

Singer Jennifer Lopez, who is in a relationship with Ben Affleck, gave the actor a touching hint of her feelings through social networks. Despite the fact that the lovers have been dating for several months, Lopez, apparently, still has not confessed her love to Affleck.

However, the other day, the singer managed to find on the Web, made by the paparazzi, an archival photograph of a very young Affleck in a T-shirt with the inscription “Boston”. Lopez could not ignore the photo in which Affleck appeared in fantastic shape: she liked the picture.

The fact did not hide from the fans of the couple. A storm arose on the Web: the audience considered this gesture a recognition.

“Cute and touching”, “Oh God, she really loves him”, “Who would like pictures of their man when he is sitting next to him? That’s right, only a woman in love, ”admired the fans.

Photo source: Legion-media

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