Lopez in ultrashort shorts seductively shocked by lush charms on camera

Lopez in ultrashort shorts seductively shocked by lush charms on camera

The singer shared behind-the-scenes footage of her new music video.

Jennifer Lopez teased the audience with hot behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the new video. Not so long ago, the star released a song and video in which she appeared in a “hot” bikini in the pool. Everything looked so piquant that it could not leave anyone indifferent.

Lopez was praised for his excellent body and ability to take care of himself during difficult times. The inspired singer decided to whet the curiosity about herself and her romance even more and published a video in which she arranged sexy wiggles in tiny shorts. Above was a revealing bodice inlaid with diamonds.

Lopez herself felt as comfortable as possible and whispered something erotically.

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Everything that happened could not hide from the eyes of her own followers.

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