Lopez Sr. – about an unplanned battle of views with Lomachenko: “This is the best that my son could do. This guy was shaking.”


Teofimo Lopez Sr., father and coach of undisputed world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez, claims that his son’s unplanned sterdown with Vasily Lomachenko during the weigh-in was solely due to their initiative. According to the expert, Lomachenko was afraid of a full-fledged battle of views.

This asshole saw my son when Teofimo walked right up to him. They tried to make it look like it was Lomachenko who rushed to my son. No, my son approached him. It was Teofimo who crossed the fucking tape first, but they showed everything as if Lomachenko had rushed to him. This is how it looked in the video.

We weren’t going to do this shit two meters away. This is the best my son could do. This guy was shaking. The day before, I wanted a battle of views, but didn’t get it. I was displeased, shouted at everyone. I asked: “What did you do with the battle of views? Are you trying to protect this dude psychologically? It won’t work, because when we stage a sterdown tomorrow, he will see a real threat in the eyes of my son,” Teofimo Lopez Sr. said in an interview with YouTube channel Johnny’s Fight Palace.

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