Lopez’s failed husband made a laughing stock of himself

Lopez’s failed husband made a laughing stock of himself

Alex Rodriguez was once again ridiculed on the web.

Jennifer Lopez’s unsuccessful husband Alex Rodriguez publicly exposed himself to ridicule after breaking up with the singer.

After J.Lo officially got along with Ben Affleck, Rodriguez literally did not find a place for himself: the man rented a house near the place where Lopez spent the night, and later completely lit up with another woman in the hope of provoking Jennifer to jealousy.

The other day, another fact became known to journalists: a close friend of Lopez organized a gorgeous vocal party, to which he invited all the most devoted comrades. Jennifer herself appeared there. Rodriguez, who found out about the party later, resented the fact that he was not invited.

“Where is my invitation, Stevie?” – he asked a question in the comments under the video.

It is noteworthy that in the comment, haters immediately ran up, who literally called Rodriguez a weakling.

“Looks as pathetic as possible”, “Maybe enough to get caught up in Lo?”, “Start living your life, dude,” they wrote to him.

Photo source: Legion-media

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