Lottery as an incentive in Ohio: Vaccinated wins a million dollars

Lottery as an incentive in Ohio: Vaccinated wins a million dollars

Lottery as an incentive in Ohio

Vaccinated wins a million dollars

The states in the USA are coming up with some ideas to get citizens to get the corona vaccination. Ohio attracts with an vaccination lottery and free study places, as does New York. Time is of the essence, because President Biden wants to achieve his vaccination goal by July 4th.

In the US state of Ohio, a citizen won one million US dollars (820,000 euros) as a reward for her corona vaccination. Abbigail Bugenske was the first winner of the lottery offered by the state as a vaccination incentive. The youth Joseph Costello also won a full university scholarship, as the initiative announced. “Congratulations to Abbigail and Joseph,” wrote Governor Mike DeWine on Twitter. The next winners would be drawn as early as next week.

By Monday, almost three million citizens had already registered for the prize draw and the scholarship. The prizes are to be drawn within the next four weeks in order to get more people to get vaccinated. Any resident who has received at least the first vaccination can win. Ohio has a population of just under 12 million. Around 45 percent of the population, or 5.23 million people, have received at least the first vaccination so far, as official data show. The state is thus well below the nationwide quota of just under 62 percent.

Many states and municipalities in the United States have already launched incentives to get as many citizens as possible to get vaccinated. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would raffle 50 free study places among all 12 to 17 year olds who have received at least one vaccine dose and are registered by their parents. These are places at public universities in New York State, including tuition fees, books and other necessary materials, as well as room and meals – a total of tens of thousands of dollars each.

The state had previously set up a money lottery as a vaccination incentive, among other things. Other institutions and private companies also offer free donuts, french fries, subway tickets or tickets for museums and sporting events. More than half of the adults in the state of New York with around 19 million inhabitants are already fully vaccinated, but the momentum of the vaccination campaign had recently waned.

President Joe Biden has set the goal that by Independence Day on July 4, around 70 percent of all 260 million adults in the country should have received at least the first vaccination. The US has secured enough vaccine. In thousands of pharmacies and many municipal offices, vaccinations are already possible without an appointment.

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