Madonna who defended Spears was attacked on the web

Madonna who defended Spears was attacked on the web

The singer was one of the last to support her colleague.

Singer Madonna supported the imprisoned Britney Spears and incurred the wrath of the artist’s fans. A few weeks ago, Britney spoke publicly in court and accused her father of abuse of custody. Spears said that her father humiliated her, called her fat, forbade her to give birth and constantly sent her to work.

Despite all the arguments, the court decided to leave custody of James Spears, which could not but anger the public. Numerous celebrities supported Spears: actors, athletes, politicians.

The only one left on the sidelines was Madonna, with whom Britney was very close at a younger age. Fans all this time persuaded the artist to intervene, and, finally, she did it. True, in the opinion of many, it is too late, for which it “received” from the fans.

“Give this girl back her life, slavery has long been abolished! Death to the greedy patriarchy to which she suffered over the years. This is a violation of human rights. Britney, we will come and rescue you from this prison, ”Madonna said.

On the web, however, many considered the singer’s statement insincere.

“Where was she before?”

Photo source: Legion-media

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