Majority of US citizens for speedy impeachment


A poll shows how Americans feel about Donald Trump’s impeachment. The Democrats want to start the process on Monday.

More than half of US citizens believe that US President Donald Trump should be removed from his post before the end of his term in office. This was shown by a study by the polling institute Ipsos on behalf of the television station ABC News. Accordingly, 56 percent of those questioned supported the speedy impeachment of the president.

43 percent, however, are of the opposite opinion. Almost half of them say that his actions in the past week were wrong.

Trump has been under massive pressure since storming the Capitol

It is not surprising that the Democratic supporters in particular support Trump’s expulsion (94 percent), while the Republicans only 13 percent. Among the independent voters, 58 percent are calling for impeachment.

Donald Trump came under massive pressure after the riot in the US Capitol on Wednesday. The Democrats have already made preparations for impeachment. On Monday, representatives of the party want to introduce a resolution in the House of Representatives.

On January 20, Trump will leave office anyway. What a so-called impeachment could do now, read here.

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