Make America Trump again ?: Donald’s daughter-in-law has ambitions

Make America Trump again ?: Donald’s daughter-in-law has ambitions

Even if Donald Trump tries everything to stay in power, his days in the White House seem numbered. Another Trump moves up: It is not the favorite daughter Ivanka, but daughter-in-law Lara, who wants to run for the Senate in North Carolina.

The daughter-in-law of US President Donald Trump, Lara Trump, is considering running for senator for her home state of North Carolina. Lara Trump, who is married to the second oldest son of the President, Eric, told employees that she might want to apply for a Senate mandate in 2022, reports the New York Times, citing Trump’s confidants.

The current Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr, does not want to run again in the 2022 election. According to the magazine “Politico”, however, there are already a number of candidates for Burr’s successor in the Republican Party. They are said to include Mark Meadows, Dan Forest, Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory.

And now Lara Trump? North Carolina is their home state and what is known as a swing state. Father-in-law Donald had won him over again in the presidential election, but not as clearly as usual. He was only able to record a vote lead of 1.8 percent over Biden, which leads directly to the assumption that the elections for the Senate in 2022 could be a close race.

The tallest people in the room

Knows the poses: Lara Trump.

(Foto: imago images / ZUMA Press)

Lara Trump, a former fitness trainer and TV producer, currently works as the host of the weekly Real News Update webcast. She married Eric Trump in 2014 in Mar-a-Lago, the princely family seat. The two got to know each other five years earlier, they became aware of each other because “we were both the tallest people in the room,” Lara once said in an interview. The 38-year-old and Donald Trump’s second son now have two children.

Eric, Vice President of Trump Orginization, and his two-year-old wife have stood out as ardent campaigners for Donald Trump’s re-election. They don’t always hit the right note, but they seem like an indestructible unit. Lara was active in the election campaign for her father-in-law, waving, giving speeches and organizing the “Women for Trump” events. Meanwhile, Eric often posted cozy photos of the porch with the children on Instagram – at least at Trump Junior it seems to be quite emancipated.


Make America Great Again – could also be her motto.

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A colleague from Trump’s campaign team attests that Lara Trump is charismatic, as she told the “New York Times”. “She is really good at campaigning events when it comes to directing and communicating with voters. She has a natural instinct for politics.” Her chances in North Carolina shouldn’t be bad: They know her there and everyone knows how hard she worked to get her father-in-law re-elected.

It’s a Family Affair

A somewhat different “child labor” in the Trump house is not unusual – the senior has harnessed his whole family. Then why not the daughter-in-law too? Donald Trump Jr. now directs the fortunes of Trump’s company. The father of five is divorced from his wife Vanessa, but already had a new wife by his side during the election campaign.

lara trump.jpg

Eric Trump (l) supports his wife, Vanessa (2nd from right) was the Trump hustle and bustle too much, it is said that she has divorced Donald Jr.

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In addition to being her first daughter, Ivanka is also her father’s advisor in the White House. Together with her husband Jared Kushner, she represents the intellectual line of the family. Ivanka made sure that many women who felt attacked by the sometimes misogynistic tweets of their father, let themselves be reconciled. And husband Jared brought his expertise as a financial investor, real estate developer and media consultant to the White House.

Eric Trump, Lara’s husband, has so far been particularly noticeable because of his ambivalent behavior: Here the founder of a children’s cancer charity (which he put on hold during the election campaign so as not to cause confusion with donations), there is a photo with it dead animals hunting for big game; here defender of misinformation that his father let spread over and over again, there family father and husband, who apparently lets his wife go first.

In addition to a few other candidates for the Senate seat, which Lara Trump – who has not yet officially confirmed her intentions – is seeking, she has a particularly strong competitor: none other than the aforementioned White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who from 2013 to 2020 represented the state of North Carolina in the US House of Representatives.

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