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Beautiful manicure is a necessary attribute of the well-groomed hands of each girl. In addition, for many, manicure is crucial in creating a stylish image. And if earlier everyone managed with only nail polishes, now there are enough alternative options. Agree, nail polish recedes into the background when it is necessary that nail design lasts longer than three days. Manicure gel polish can perfectly cope with this task. This is a unique coating that combines the properties of a gel and nail polish. Thanks to what gel polish manicure is able to hold out on nails for up to three weeks. Moreover, each man can master gel polish at home. How to do this and what we need for this we will tell in our article.

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How to make a manicure with gel polish at home

Of course, before, special manicure methods were available only in beauty salons. Masters took training courses to work with new materials. Today, everything is much simpler and more affordable. Any girl can buy everything for manicure, master the technology and turn her nails into masterpieces without leaving home. It is gel polish that will help preserve your efforts for a long time. The main function of gel polish is to ensure the durability of the coating and color. Let’s take a closer look at this.

What is gel polish coating

A unique coating for nails, gel polish combines the properties of gel resistance and the juiciness of the color of the varnish. Due to the dispersion medium that forms a checkered layer on the nails, the gel has high strength. This is what helps girls enjoy a beautiful manicure for a long time.

Manicure gel polish has several advantages over other options. Gel polish is convenient to apply on nails, lasts a long time, does not have a pungent odor, reduces the likelihood of peeling of the coating. And also, gel polish is multifunctional. With it, you can create a diverse nail design, which is only your imagination.

Gel polish allows you to apply it both on natural nails and on artificial turf. Another advantage of gel polish is that the coating is easily removed using a special solution. This is convenient because you do not need to use a nail file or milling cutter. In a word, manicure with gel polish allows you to no longer worry about the appearance of your nails. In addition, manufacturers expand the palette of varnish colors every year.

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Are French nails out of style
Are French nails

To create a stylish manicure gel polish, it is important to consider the fashionable techniques of its execution. So, for example, French manicure with gel polish will never go out of style and will always be relevant. Exactly the same as matte manicure, gradient or “broken glass”. In addition, it is gel polish that allows the use of rhinestones and other decor in manicure. With such a beautiful nail design, it’s quite possible to go to a restaurant for dinner or create a manicure for the New Year, graduation or wedding.

To create a stylish manicure gel polish

Irreplaceable gel polish manicure and seasonality. With it, you can create beautiful compositions on the nails for autumn nail design. Use leaflet decor and nail art. Accordingly, for a winter manicure, a gel polish will help to design gorgeous snowflakes on the nails and an additional shimmer. Spring design of nails is supported by characteristic patterns on nails with flowers, twigs or birds. Well, in the summer manicure, the ombre technique in bright colors looks excellent. Get inspired by our nail polish gel polish ideas. You may be able to repeat some of them at home. After all, you are now familiar with simple technology.

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