Manny Robles admits he couldn’t control Ruiz ahead of rematch with Joshua


Coaching veteran Manny Robles revealed that his former teammate, heavyweight Andy Ruiz, was out of control ahead of his rematch with Anthony Joshua last December.

We will remind, Ruiz became the first fighter in the professional ring, who managed to inflict Joshua his first defeat in his career, sensationally finishing the Briton in the seventh round. However, six months later, Ruiz could not prove himself in a second fight, because he was in terrible physical shape, and naturally lost to Joshua by unanimous decision.

“Unfortunately, his father has a lot to do with how this whole situation turned out. We lost control of Andy, so his father decided to put the blame on me. He said that I am not doing my job, but I am not his your own father. He’s your son, which means it’s your duty to rein in him. If you can’t keep your own son in check, then why do you hope that I can do it? ” – said Robles.

“Right after the fight, Andy admitted that he had screwed up. He said he didn’t train properly and took all the blame as he should. But then I don’t know what happened, he started acting like he won that fucking fight …

I did everything I could, given the circumstances of the time. I came to the gym every day, even decided to move the camp to Mexico in order to get rid of his new friends. I had never seen these people with him before he won the title, and I had no idea who they were.

I had to put up with so many things, and it was not at all fun. I did my best to get him to focus on the fight and maintain discipline, but unfortunately, he was thinking about very different things. And the thought of this does not bring me any peace … You are the world champion, man, you are no longer a child. He has held three major world titles, what more could you dream of? Here’s your motivation.

If I won the belt today, I would like to return to the gym tomorrow. This is how most fighters think. They don’t want to lose their fights, and they certainly don’t want to lose their belts. They can’t wait to return to the gym and get to work right away. He said that he lacked motivation – yes, you are already a world champion, you are rich, you have money in the bank. What other kind of motivation do you need? You are no longer homeless. You bought yourself a palace and still tell me that you lack motivation? Are you kidding?”

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