Margot Robbie caught on the beach having a passionate scene

Margot Robbie caught on the beach having a passionate scene

The intimate relationship of the actress and her husband Tom Eckerley did not hide from the eyes of the suffering.

Journalists caught 30-year-old Margot Robbie in a passionate scene on the beach. A spicy video featuring the actress and her husband, Tom Ackerley, quickly spread through the media. Not so long ago, Margot took a short vacation to spend it at the resort in the company of a loved one. Together with Eckerley, Robbie settled in a private villa in Puerto Vallarta. It was there that the spouses were caught in their lenses by the paparazzi (see the photo here).

Robbie appeared at the resort in a tiny bandeau bikini, which, however, she managed to show only in passing. Margot practically did not break away from her own man, demonstrating complete idyll. The real heat began when the husband and wife found themselves in the ocean – there they did not hesitate to hug and kiss each other, looking into the eyes.

How long Robbie plans to stay without social networks and work is not known for certain. To all appearances, Margot is in no hurry to return to the cinema: now the actress is completely immersed in vivid feelings.

Photo source: Legion-media

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