Marilyn Manson hired 24/7 security


An insider says that the musician is afraid of an invasion of his home.

After being accused of sexual, physical and psychological abuse, Marilyn Manson locked himself in his Los Angeles home and hired 24-hour security, The Sun reported.

The source of the publication claims that the musician is afraid for his safety, and therefore does not leave the house. “He doesn’t want to risk it. He does not exclude the possibility that someone could enter his house, so he set up security guards who monitor him 24 hours a day. Manson was paranoid at the best of times, but these accusations shocked him, and he began to need protection, ”said the informant. According to him, a group of people with cameras who called themselves documentary filmmakers have already been seen near Manson’s house.

Earlier, before Marilyn got a guard, it was reported that a group of police officers arrived at his house to check the musician’s condition. However, Manson did not even go to the gate to talk to the officers.

Meanwhile, at least 11 women have already shared revelations about Manson. One of the loudest was the story of the actress Esme Bianco, who was in a relationship with the musician for several months and starred in his film and video, which never came out. She noted that she felt like a “captive” of Manson, shared the details of his lifestyle and said that the musician inflicted physical harm on her.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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