Marilyn Manson surrendered to police over spitting

Marilyn Manson surrendered to police over spitting

The shock rocker is accused of assaulting a person.

Rock musician Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, voluntarily surrendered on charges of assaulting a man. As NBC journalists found out, on July 2, the artist himself came to one of the Los Angeles police stations. On the same day, he was released on personal guarantee and forbidden to contact the alleged victim.

The incident in question occurred in August 2019 in Guildford, New Hampshire. During the concert, the rocker, as always, went out of his way and spat into the lens of the camera, which was filming him on stage.

Everything would be fine, but Manson’s saliva fell not only on the equipment, but also on the hand of the operator, who experienced “unwanted physical contact” and filed a lawsuit demanding to pay him $ 35,000 for moral suffering. The artist’s lawyer called the charges laughable, since no evidence of damage was provided.

Nevertheless, the musician is awaiting trial, its date will be set after the New Hampshire authorities receive papers from Los Angeles on Manson’s release on bail.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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