Mario Draghi becomes the new Prime Minister of Italy


After a tough struggle, Italy gets a new head of government: Ex-Eurobank boss Mario Draghi will take over the office from now on. Most recently, he had secured broad support. Government is likely to be difficult, however.

Italy is getting a new government: The former head of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, officially assumed the office of Prime Minister on Friday. After a meeting with President Sergio Mattarella, Draghi announced the appointment of politicians and experts to his new cabinet.

The important office of Minister of Economics goes to the General Director of the Italian Central Bank, Daniele Franco. Luigi Di Maio from the 5-Star Movement remains Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Speranza Minister of Health. According to Draghi’s plan, Marta Cartabia will be an expert in the post of Minister of Justice. Cartabia was President of the Constitutional Court until September 2020. The previously much discussed Ministry for Ecological Conversion will also appoint an expert in the form of the physicist Roberto Cingolani. Overall, there are more politicians than experts on Draghi’s list of ministers.

On February 3, Draghi initially accepted the mandate for the formation of a government with reservations and sought support in many discussions with parties and associations. On Thursday, the five-star movement (M5S) was the last major party to vote in an online vote to join the new coalition, thus clearing the way for the ex-ECB boss.

A large majority in parliament wants to support Draghi

Draghi can therefore count on a broad base in parliament. In addition to the parties of the previous center-left alliance under the failed head of government Giuseppe Conte, the conservative Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi and the right-wing League of Matteo Salvini also want to give the ex-ECB boss their votes for Draghi.

In the five-star movement, however, there was continued resistance to the vote in favor of Draghi. The incumbent Prime Minister Conte, who is close to the movement, warned on Thursday that a new government in this constellation could quickly get into trouble.

Italy was in the midst of the Corona crisis and severe recession without a fully functioning government for almost a month. Prime Minister Conte announced his resignation after the center-left coalition he led broke up in the dispute over the use of the European Union’s Corona aid funds. Mattarella first checked whether the old alliance still had a chance. Talks failed and Mario Draghi was tasked with forming a government.

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