Material not reported: Iran is unauthorized replenishing uranium stocks


Material not reported
Iran is stocking up on unauthorized uranium

The 2015 nuclear deal is designed to prevent Iran from building an atomic bomb. After the US left, Tehran systematically violated the conditions. According to a report, the Islamic Republic is said to have significantly more enriched uranium than previously assumed.

According to the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has illegally increased its reserves of enriched uranium to almost three tons. According to an IAEA report, another 500 kilograms have been added since November. This also includes 17.6 kilograms, which are enriched to 20 percent.

The 2015 nuclear deal set an upper limit for low-enriched pure uranium at 200 kilograms. The agreement is supposed to prevent the country ruled by Shiite clerics from building an atomic bomb. After the USA withdrew from the deal, Tehran demonstratively violated the requirements several times.

In addition, the IAEA expressed deep concern that Iran was not providing an explanation of the origin of uranium particles that could provide information about previous activities. In the past year, uranium particles were found in two places. In addition, Iran had not answered a similar question about a third site in 18 months, the IAEA criticized in its report.

The Islamic Republic is demanding that the US return to the agreement and thus lift economic sanctions. Then Tehran will stick to the deal again. Under the new President Joe Biden, the USA is basically ready to rejoin the agreement, but is demanding at least a sign of goodwill from Iran.

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