Matthew McConaughey shares how he missed the lead role in Titanic


The actor says that the audition went well, and he expected the role to be his.

In a new episode of the podcast with Rob Lowe, whose guest was Matthew McConaughey, the actor told how he missed the lead role in the movie “Titanic”, which eventually went to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Matthew says that everything happened incomprehensibly. “I read the script with Kate Winslet, and it didn’t look like it was an audition – they were filming and it looked like it was screen test. Then we left, and someone from the management followed us and said: “Everything is just wonderful.” And he kind of hugged me. And I thought the role was mine, ”McConaughey said.

Matthew McConaughey reveals how he missed the lead role in Titanic

But soon Matthew was surprised to learn that the role for which he auditioned was given to DiCaprio. “I thought, ‘Where is my agent? He’s in trouble. ” Because I never got an offer, ”said the actor.

The director of “Titanic” James Cameron a couple of years ago told how he decided to take the lead role of Leonardo: “First, Matthew read this role. And then we met with Leo. He came for an interview, and I noticed that all our employees perked up and joined us. Our accountant, our security guard were there. Usually such meetings take place one-on-one in the office. Then I thought: shouldn’t I take this guy? “

It is known that the director originally planned to give the role of Rose, which went to Winslet, to Gwyneth Paltrow. Earlier, commenting on his decision to hire other actors for the role of the couple, James said that Gwyneth and McConaughey themselves missed their chance: “They did not get in touch, and then said that their characters were not interesting enough. They missed their chance, and I don’t give a second ”.

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Author: Yana Shelekhova

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