Matthew Perry of Friends ‘Molested’ 19-year-old

Matthew Perry of Friends ‘Molested’ 19-year-old

The TikTok star has pissed off fans of the hit series.

19-year-old Keith Haralson posted a video in which she plays with 51-year-old Matthew Perry in 20 Questions. The TikTok blogger met the performer of the role of Chandler in the cult series Friends on a popular paid dating network. Some of the private conversations with the actor became public.

According to Kharalson, there was no goal to “shake” Chandler, with this video she only wanted to show how famous Hollywood guys take advantage of their position, meeting fans on the Internet, according to Page Six.

Matthew Perry of Friends ‘Molested’ 19-year-old

During the FaceTime call, Perry suggested taking turns asking questions to get to know each other, Keith said. None of the questions were sexually charged, she said, but at times she felt very uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Matthew Perry knew that his interlocutor was only 19 years old, but did not interrupt the conversation.

“He was not worried about my age. And it was so strange for me to communicate with someone who suits me as a father. This seemed wrong to me, considering that he knew my age, ”said Kharalson.

Moreover, Matthew asked her if he was the same age as her father. “So it was really weird. I said that he was only a year older than my dad, and Perry was just joking. “

The video has already been removed from TikTok, but Friends fans continue to bombard the now 20-year-old Kate with negative comments, defending her idol:

“I can’t believe some people can do that! He’s engaged, for heaven’s sake, stop bothering him! ”“ Why are we trying to humiliate celebrities like Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry for wanting to date people? This is normal!” – users write.

Matthew Perry’s fiance

Note that representatives of Perry have not yet commented on the situation.

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