Mauricio Lara makes a sensational finish to Josh Warrington


A big boxing evening from the promotion company Matchroom Boxing has just finished in London, the main event of which was the fight of former IBF world featherweight champion Josh Warrington against Mexican boxer Mauricio Lara.

Warrington immediately began throwing combinations, propping up his opponent to the ropes, but the heavy blows of 22-year-old Lara tempered the ex-champion’s ardor, who became more cautious. Initially, the Mexican worked at a measured pace, trying to target Josh with single punching, while Warrington actively leant on the jab, thanks to which he went into close range, where he began to thresh on floors.

In the fourth round, Lara, during another exchange, was able to shake Warrington with a left hook. Swinging from side to side, the Englishman began to move back, while Lara, increasing the pressure, dropped the ex-champion with another left hook. Despite the critical condition of the boxer, the referee still allowed Warrington to continue the fight.

After the knockdown, Lara became more relaxed and confident in his abilities. Having occupied the center of the ring, the Mexican stubbornly walked forward, missed blows, but at the same time delivered much more powerful charges. In the ninth round, Lara again managed to break through Warrington’s jaw, and when the Englishman began to unsteadily retreat back, the Mexican slammed after a left hook at the race, which put an end to this confrontation.

Result: Mauricio Lara defeated Josh Warrington by TKO in the 9th round

Video of the fight Mauriso Lara – Josh Warrington

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