Mauricio Lara: “Now I’m the best featherweight in the world”


Mexican puncher Mauricio Lara (22-2-0, 12 KO) commented in an interview with YouTube channel “iFL TV” his sensational victory over British ex-champion Josh Warrington (30-1-0, 7 KO), won today in London.

“I am very glad that the Mexicans got another good fighter. We stuck to the plan, pressed on him and provoked him to attack in order to strike. Yes, in the middle of the battle we had to endure, but we were able to step over the line and finish the fight. I am lucky to have as a sparring partner [Эмануэля] Navarrete, and he helped me prepare for this fight.

Yes, we really tuned in to make him feel my power in the beginning. It took time, and sometimes he took control of the rhythm and started to turn on his legs, but it takes a lot of energy, and I realized that sooner and later I would hit him.

I think I’m the best featherweight in the world right now. I proved it with my power and what I have done today, ”the fighter said.

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