Maxim Vlasov – about the transition to light heavyweight: “When I said that there was no turning back, I was very much mistaken”


Recently, Russian boxer Maxim Vlasov made the decision to descend from the first heavyweight to light heavyweight, where he already got the opportunity to challenge the vacant WBO title with Joe Smith Jr. As the fighter admits, earlier he mistakenly believed that he would no longer be able to lose weight without losing efficiency.

“Basically, I didn’t have to adapt, because I’m generally a super middleweight boxer. You can say that light heavyweight is my native category, because I spent most of my career not even in it, but in the super middleweight division.

The only thing is that with age, you have to pay more attention to maintaining and losing weight. It gets harder over the years than at a younger age. But knowing the scheme and certain techniques, you can easily enter your limit.

To be honest, it was not hard for me to lose weight. When I said that there was no turning back, I was probably very much mistaken. Moving back to light heavyweight, I figured it out. This is my weight category, I feel most comfortable here. The boxing that I can show in this weight class is more interesting, “- said Maxim Vlasov in an interview with the YouTube channel USACHEV TV.

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