Maxim Vlasov: “Smith is predictable and does the same thing”


Russian contender for the light heavyweight title (up to 79.4 kg) Maxim Vlasov (45-3-0, 26 KO), preparing to fight for the vacant WBO belt this weekend, in the usual manner “walked” over his rival, American Joe Smith ( 26-3-0, 21 KO).

“I don’t think Smith did anything special in the fight with [Элейдером] Alvarez. There was no special technique and there was nothing outstanding. He was more aggressive. Alvarez’s mistake was that he let him come.

He is a very simple fighter, very simple and predictable. And he always does the same thing. Therefore, I will say that it was Alvarez’s mistake that allowed him to win that battle, ”Vlasov said.

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