Meena Suvari wrote a heartbreaking memoir about “sex, drugs and abuse”


The American Beauty star has published a book of revelations.

More and more stars are opening the curtain of an outwardly prosperous life and talking about the difficulties they experienced on the way to fame. So actress Mina Suvari decided to tell the truth about how much cruelty there was in the life of a Hollywood starlet.

When the American Beauty Star announced that she had written the book, fans were eager to learn about the vicissitudes of fame and social life. But Mina admitted that her revelations about addiction to alcohol and illegal substances remained on paper. And she told me what it was like to be a victim of abuse when she was just over 20 years old.

The actress called her book a warning to all girls. Mina decided to show readers that they should not remain silent if they faced the same problems that the artist went through.

“I lost myself in sex, drugs and unpleasant, often violent relationships, even when blockbusters have already brought me fame,” admitted Suvari.

Meena Suvari wrote a heartbreaking memoir about

42-year-old film star is preparing to become a mother for the first time. She was married three times, but only with her third husband she decided to have children. Mina Suvari and Michael Hope got married in 2018. Prior to that, the actress was in a relationship with cinematographer Robert Brinkmann, and later with music producer Simone Sestito.

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Author: Maria Novikova

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