Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don’t regret leaving the royal family


Moving to the United States did not upset the Duchess of Sussex in the least.

Last year, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle made a serious decision to leave the royal family and the country as a whole. The star family decided to move to the United States of America. According to the source, the couple does not regret their choice at all. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who voluntarily resigned as senior royals in March 2020, are delighted with their move to Los Angeles, People reported.

“Meghan and Harry have a huge store of faith that their new life will be successful,” a source close to the family told the publication. The personal historian of the royal family, Robert Lacey, believes that Harry felt like “sitting on the bench” for a long time in the history of inheriting the royal title, so he found a great way out, deciding to move. “Harry with dignity came out of a situation where he would have to give way to his elders. He decided to start his own new life, having defined his personal status and position, “- quotes the words of the historian People.

The insider added: “Despite all the difficulties of the past year, the couple have no regrets about their move to the United States. Megan is especially happy. Now she is financially independent of the royal family and is responsible for her own life. And Harry is happy that he can do what he wants, without looking back at his relatives, while the people closest to him – his wife and son – are with him. “

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Alla Karfidova

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