Memory is “over”: Michael J. Fox ends acting career


Michael J. Fox has had Parkinson’s disease since 1991. The illness did not prevent him from working as an actor for a long time. But recently he reported problems with his short-term memory. Now he is officially quitting his career.

Michael J. Fox, the star of films like “Back to the Future” or series like “Boston Legal”, will probably not be seen in front of the camera in the future. In the end it already sounded like he wanted to end his acting career. With his new autobiography “No Time Like The Future”, which has just been published in the USA, he now makes this step very officially and unequivocally clear.

There is a time for everything, writes the 59-year-old. His time with twelve-hour working days and memorizing seven pages of dialogues is over – “at least for now”. He will go into “a second pension”, but also hopes that this could change again, “because everything is changing. But if this is the end of my acting career, it will be so.” His work does not define him.

“Peace Made” with Parkinson’s

Fox recently revealed that his short-term memory had suffered from years of battle with Parkinson’s disease – it was “over”. He used to have no problems memorizing the dialogues for his roles in films and series, but recently he struggled. That’s why he preferred to concentrate on writing his new autobiography.

The Canadian has had Parkinson’s since 1991. Many hobbies have disappeared for him due to the deterioration in his health, says Fox. He could no longer play the guitar or draw. Dancing has never been his forte and acting is now difficult: “I keep writing, and luckily I really enjoy it.” But with the illness he “made peace”.

But the actor has also had other health problems in recent years. In 2018, a tumor on his spine was removed in a risky operation. After that he had to learn to walk again, reported Fox. A subsequent fall delayed healing. But he considers himself lucky and leads a good life, says Fox. He is especially grateful to his wife Tracy Pollan and their four children.

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