Michael Conlan: “Ready for Fulton in August”

Michael Conlan: “Ready for Fulton in August”

Irish bantamweight title contender (under 55.3 kg) Michael Conlan (15-0-0, 8 KO), who previously announced his desire to fight for the title this year, said he was ready to do so at the end of the summer.

Recall that Conlan is a contender for the WBO title, which is currently owned by undefeated American Stephen Fulton (19-0-0, 8 KO), representing the PBC. And in the camp of Haymon, they already decided to bring him to the winner of the unification battle of Neri – Figueroa.

“I want to fight Stephen Fulton in Belfast in August. But is this possible, given all the politics? I don’t know, but I want to hope. I’d love it if it was August, but if not, then New York at the end of the year would be fine.

I want to stay active and continue performing. However, I understand that I need to remain patient. So if I have to wait until December – so be it, ”concluded the fighter.

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