Michael Conlan will fight the former world champion

Michael Conlan will fight the former world champion

Olympic bronze medalist Michael Conlan will face the former world champion in Belfast, Northern Ireland this summer, according to his brother and executive director of management company MTK Global, Jamie Conlan.

“We have an agreement that he will box with the former world champion,” Jamie Conlan said in an interview with Irish News. – “We have not yet told anyone who it is, but this fight will be a good test for Michael. He needs to fight someone who was at the top, who achieved something that he did not have, and fought with the fighters of the world There are things that only elite fighters can do, and we want Michael to fight one of those guys before he splits the ring with (Steven) Fulton (WBO Bantamweight Champion) or anyone else.

Now is the right time for this kind of fights and we’ve picked the right opponent. We hope to announce an opponent by the end of this week. “

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