Michael Zerafa told how he intends to defeat Tim Tszyu

Michael Zerafa told how he intends to defeat Tim Tszyu

Australian Michael Zerafa shared his expectations from the upcoming fight with a promising compatriot Tim Tszyu. According to Michael, he understands that he will not be faced with a simple confrontation with a strong opponent, but he hopes for his experience.

“We always want our work and dedication to be noticed at a high level, and also want to participate in the largest battles. At this stage, such a battle is a duel against Tim Tszyu. I was abroad and fought with guys who had a big name, Tim has not yet done this and is only building his career.

We have two of the best boxers in our country who are betting everything… After winning, one of us will improve his position and his career will go up, and the other will have to start all over again. I truly believe that they will raise my hand that evening, because I have in my arsenal a lot of weapons that Tim has not yet encountered.

I know it will be a difficult fight because Tszyu is a strong and patient fighter. But, again, I am sure that I have much more experience and on July 7th he will see it, ”Zerafa said.

Recall that Tim Tszyu and Michael Zerafa will fight on July 7th at the Newcastle Entertainment Center in Newcastle, Australia.

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