Michelle was under pressure: Barack Obama talks about marital problems


Barack Obama’s time at the White House was fraught with arguments and tensions with his wife Michelle. The former US president speaks openly about this in an interview. Only when the second term was over could the ex-first lady “take a deep breath and relax”.

The former presidential couple of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama, struggled with marital problems while at the White House. Not only Michelle reported on it in her 2018 biography “Becoming: My Story”, the former US President also speaks openly about disputes and tensions in his recently published book “A Promised Land”. In an interview with People magazine, he now reveals that the entire eight years of his presidency were almost constantly accompanied by marital problems, but that their love is deeper today than ever before.

“That was our truth while we were in the White House,” said Obama. Michelle in particular was under constant pressure to do everything right and always be “on”. “There were times when she was frustrated or angry, but she also knew that I had to deal with Afghanistan or the financial crisis, so she suppressed her feelings,” said Obama.

Ending his presidency was a relief

After the end of his second term in office, all this pressure had dropped from both of them. Both could finally breathe a sigh of relief: “When my presidency was over, it could finally open up again. But more importantly, take a deep breath and relax,” explains Obama. It would have taken some time before she could talk openly about her feelings again, but today she is much happier: “That allows us to enjoy the deep love that such a long marriage brings with it.”

Barack and Michelle Obama were married in 1992. They have two daughters: 22-year-old Malia and 19-year-old Natasha. They came out of his presidency “unscathed” just like them and are both studying: “Now that something has become of them, we don’t have to worry about them that much and we have more fun and more time together,” said Obama .

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