Migrant “caravan” from Honduras fleeing to the USA


Hopes for the future US President Joe Biden are high – not just in the USA. With the change of presidency, hundreds of people from Honduras are on the run in the direction of the United States.

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In Honduras, hundreds of migrants have again set out on a march towards the USA. A group of around 300 people broke into the second largest Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Thursday, a reporter for the AFP news agency reported. Your first stage destination is the city of Corinto, around 100 kilometers away on the border with Guatemala. From there they want to get to the USA via Mexico.

According to information in the online networks, 3,000 more migrants also wanted to make their way to the USA on foot on Friday night in San Pedro Sula. According to their own statements, the migrants are fleeing poverty and unemployment as well as the rampant gang violence in Honduras.

The US wants to keep the borders closed

The US government warned migrants not to “waste their time and money”. The head of the US customs and border protection agency, Mark Morgan, had stressed last week that the new administration of the Democrat Biden would not open its borders to migrants from Central America. The Mexican government also announced resistance and dispatched 500 additional border guards to the states of Chiapas and Tabasco, which border on Guatemala.

Migrants from Honduras: Joe Biden wants to get to the bottom of the causes of the flight and fix them. (Source: Moises Castillo / AP / dpa)

In the past few years, thousands of people from Central American countries had moved in large groups to Mexico in order to get to the USA from there. In June 2019, under pressure from the USA, Mexico agreed to use soldiers to prevent migrants from passing through to the US border.

Negative corona test results should make it difficult to continue your journey

The last major “caravan” to date was stopped by Honduran security forces in December before the border with neighboring Guatemala. Should the migrants reach the border this time, they would have to show negative coronavirus tests to be let through, which should be impossible for most of them.

At the end of 2018, several “caravans” had reached the US southern border. The administration of US President Donald Trump has since reached agreements with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that have declared the three countries safe third countries. Migrants en route to the USA must therefore apply for asylum there if they enter one of these countries. Otherwise, they can be sent back when they reach the United States.

The prospective US President Joe Biden announced that he wanted the previous migration policy of the outgoing US President Donald Trump turn your back. According to his own statements, Biden is striving for a “fair and humane immigration system”. At the same time, he stated that the focus was on the causes of flight in the Central American states.

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