Mike Tyson reacted to Mayweather’s show fight with Logan Paul

Mike Tyson reacted to Mayweather’s show fight with Logan Paul

Legendary ex-world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson commented on Floyd Mayweather’s show fight with video blogger Logan Paul.

“I think Floyd should continue. I don’t think he needed to fight the cruiser. I think Mayweather should continue to fight the guys in his weight class. What the hell is he doing? Fight Pacquiao again and keep yourself in shape. He should have made Paul lose a lot of weight. I guess it was harder than Floyd expected.

If Mayweather boxed with a cruiser, how did he prepare for this? I believe that when Paul was hitting, he shook him a little, because Logan is not middleweight. I think he is a heavyweight. For me, 90 kilograms is a heavy weight.

It seems to me that Mayweather can learn from this and will fight with guys in his weight class, since weight matters. I think he would have made more money if he had a fight with Pacquiao again.

I’m trying to convince Logan Paul to fight Budu Jack. I want to see what he has to say about this fight, “said Mike Tyson.

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