Mike Tyson thinks Buster Douglas shouldn’t have agreed to box with Evander Holyfield


Mike Tyson believes Buster Douglas needed to defend his position before making his first title defense against Evander Holyfield and not going out of shape.

“When I saw the form in which Douglas entered the battle, the outcome was clear to me. I look at it this way … I just now think about such a wording so that it does not sound offensive. I don’t know why it’s like that, I really don’t know why everything is so arranged, in this regard, life is a very unfair thing. The fact is that everyone has an individual character – someone thinks that all this is not worth it, and someone is ready to give his life in the ring.

When a person goes to a champion fight, he demonstrates excellent physical shape and a mood for victory, detrained and should not smell. When Buster entered the ring, it looked like he was ready to lose. He looked like he hadn’t spent a day in the training room, am I wrong? ”

“Douglas, said Don King’s suit after the fight with you is to blame.”

“You know, in such a situation, you need to demand more time for preparation and make it clear that let them do what they want – they will deprive them of the belt – whatever, but insist on increasing the period until the fight.”

Recall that Douglas, after the fight with Tyson, gained 11 kilograms in weight and lost to Holyfield by knockout in the third round.

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