Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr .: Duel of the boxing grandpas finds no winner


The 54-year-old Mike Tyson against the 51-year-old Roy Jones junior: The fight of the aged boxing heroes was announced as a tough sparring. In the end, however, the jury’s judgment was Solomonic.

The boxing duel between 54-year-old Mike Tyson and Roy Jones junior, who is three years younger, remained without a winner. After eight rounds over two minutes in the empty Staples Center in Los Angeles, a three-member jury put together by the WBC boxing association rated the fight as a draw.

The unofficial fight, announced as tough sparring, was fought quite hard by the two former heavyweight world champions and boxing legends. Tyson in particular looked fit 15 years after his last appearance in the ring, acted aggressively and landed more hits from the start than Jones junior, who was still actively fighting until three years ago. As announced in advance, there was no precipitation.

The duel between the two boxing legends, which was supposed to come about in the early 2000s, was embedded in a show evening in which, for example, the YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out the former basketball professional Nate Robinson and musicians like Snoop Dogg, Saint Jhn, Wiz Khalifa and Ne-Yo performed.

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