Mikey Garcia advises Josh Taylor to face Teofimo Lopez instead of taking risks with Terence Crawford

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American Mikey Garcia believes that the undisputed world light welterweight champion Briton Josh Taylor should remain in his weight class. According to Mikey, the fight against WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford is a risky option, so for him it is better for Teofimo Lopez to move up to him in the weight category.

“I don’t know if Taylor can beat Terence Crawford. Crawford is a strong fighter. He is very talented, smart and cunning. I don’t know if Josh can handle it, but in the junior welterweight division he is the undisputed world champion and we cannot question his status.

I think it’s better for Taylor that Teofimo Lopez climbed up to him. This is an interesting fight, since the fighters are well suited to each other in style, besides, Teofimo has repeatedly said that he plans to change the weight category soon.

On the other hand, whoever Taylor decides to fight with is intriguing. Each of these guys is the undefeated champion in their weight class, ”said Garcia.

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