Mikey Garcia is going to fight Porter, Garcia and Thurman

Mikey Garcia is going to fight Porter, Garcia and Thurman

Former world champion Mikey Garcia in an interview with Fight Hub Tv made it clear that he was not going to return to the first welterweight division, because he did not see any prospects for a fight for the title there.

“You know, now we have no definite plans, so we are waiting for next year, so that we can already look at the situation in the division. Of course, I want and am ready to box with any opponent, be it Danny or Sean Porter or Keith Thurman. If at the expense of these fights I can earn a chance to fight with Manny or again meet Spence, then I will gladly take this chance. Because at the moment I can’t just ask you to set me up with a certain opponent, if there is a lot of confusion in boxing now.

Now the welterweight division is the place where I want to continue to play. However, if we talk about where I box is most comfortable, then it is 140 pounds. [первый полусредний вес]… I don’t want to act like a bore, but, as it were, what should I do in the first welterweight, if there are both champions who play for Top Rank. Do you think I’ll go out there for a title fight? So at 140 I have nothing to do, and for this reason I compete in the category up to 147. As for me, there is an opportunity here to get a loud fight, and not necessarily a title one. I’ve already said that you can box with Danny, Keith, Porter, or perhaps even with Manny, or with Spence, so there is someone to fight here. “

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