Mikhail Koklyaev defeated Artyom Tarasov by decision


At the Vegas City Hall arena in Krasnogorsk, the co-main fight of the Kings of the Ring boxing show ended, in which the famous strongman Mikhail Koklyaev faced off against the MMA fighter Artem Tarasov.

Tarasov started boldly, but after the first hit by Koklyaev, feeling the opponent’s power, he decided to act more prudently. Tarasov attacked well, but Koklyaev competently knitted him in a clinch, using his mass.

At the beginning of the second round, Tarasov delivered several punches, but Koklyaev withstood them without serious problems. Strongman continued to use his huge advantage in weight, leaning on his opponent and exhausting him. At the end of the round, Koklyaev hit well, but did not have time to build on his success. In the third round, Koklyaev made a great strike towards, forcing the opponent to literally run away from him. In the last seconds, the fighters exchanged blows after Koklyaev clamped Tarasov at the ropes.

In the final round, the fighters practically left their forces. Koklyaev and Tarasov spent a significant part of the fourth two minutes in the clinch. In the last seconds, both tried to pull out the ending, but neither managed to carry out an accented attack. At the end of the fight, the judges gave the advantage to Koklyaev.

Fight result: Mikhail Koklyaev defeated Artyom Tarasov by majority decision

Video of the fight Mikhail Koklyaev – Artem Tarasov

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