Miley Cyrus decorated her house with adult toys


The singer has declared herself as a designer of exclusive interiors.

Miley Cyrus – like hundreds of millions of people around the planet – decorates her home for Christmas and New Years. The famous singer and actress has her own take on the details of holiday decorations and their caliber. At a recent Sirius Barstool Sports show, Miley stated that sex shop items play a significant role in her home and in her life, explaining her position as follows: “I love these toys for adults. Of course, I buy them for myself – so to speak, I use them for their intended purpose, but in the end they do not gather dust in cabinets, but are used for interior design. I believe that design and sex are intertwined, that they go hand in hand, like true lovers. “

Cyrus noted that it is sometimes difficult for her to choose a particular color or object – fortunately, she can afford to buy and use several at once. Miley advised fans not to drown in emotions, but to look at what they really enjoy, while removing problematic or annoying objects from their lives or repurposing them for interior design.

In June 2015, Miley Cyrus came out, claiming she was bisexual, in July she announced her lack of gender, and in August she classified herself as pansexual. Since then, the singer has dated model Stella Maxwell and blogger Caitlyn Carter, as well as singer Cody Simpson.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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