Miley Cyrus in lingerie staged a provocation

Miley Cyrus in lingerie staged a provocation

The singer’s frivolous behavior is causing concern among fans.

The ex-wife of actor Liam Hemsworth, singer Miley Cyrus put on a spectacular show at her own rehearsal. Audiences around the world are well aware of the star’s eccentric character: it was he, according to preliminary data, that caused Hemsworth to break up with Cyrus.

More recently, Miley was seriously worried about parting, and today the singer is returning to her usual style. So, on her personal page on Instagram, Cyrus showed how she burns out at her own rehearsal.

Miley showed up on stage in a provocative outfit – in very tiny shorts and a T-shirt. At one point in the song, Cyrus literally pulled up her T-shirt so everyone could see her bra.

The frivolous behavior of the stars was not appreciated by everyone.

“The former would probably like it”, “Hot, of course”, “When will she settle down?”, “Looks like a carrot – juicy, but for some reason not tasty”, “It’s time to become a girl, not a stripper” , – they wrote to her.

Photo source: Legion-media

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  1. HTD

    OMG, “Cyrus literally pulled up her T-shirt so everyone could see her bra.”!!! How can one graduate from Yale and write as if her audience were all 3 years old? The world’s in the process of burning up or plagued by a virus designed to kill stupid people and you are writing about seeing a female performer’s bra? The last time I read this kind of thing was back in the early 1950s when Neo-Purantism and Victorianism were the vogues. No wonder sociopaths like Donald Trump have such a large following when this kind of writing scares them into the Trumplican ranks.