Miley Cyrus refused to kiss Justin Bieber


I chose someone with whom I could share wardrobe and toilet.

American singer and actress Miley Cyrus admitted that she would prefer Harry Styles to her long-known Justin Bieber, if it was about a kiss. When Miley appeared on Heart FM as a guest and took part in the Christmas program, the artist was invited to play a little game. She had to choose what she would prefer and what she would refuse: kiss One Direction vocalist Harry Styles or Justin Bieber.

To this question, Cyrus, without thinking twice, replied: “Harry. Justin Bieber, whom I have known for far too long, is like family. Harry Styles, he looks really good. ” The actress also explained her choice by the fact that she liked the style of the British artist, who appeared in one of the fishnet images in a recent photo shoot for Beauty Papers magazine. “We have a very similar taste. It makes sense to share a toilet, to live together, “admitted Miley Cyrus.

Further, the radio host of the program hinted that he could facilitate the meeting of the actress with the singer she liked. But Miley sarcastically remarked that lately everyone around her is trying to become a “cupid” for her. Back in 2015, Cyrus told the public that she did not classify herself as a specific gender, but nevertheless married Liam Hemsworth, whom she subsequently divorced.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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