Military experiments suspected: US report finds no evidence for UFOs

Military experiments suspected: US report finds no evidence for UFOs

Military experiments suspected

US report finds no evidence of UFOs

The US military keeps sighting objects in flight, the origin of which cannot be explained in the Pentagon. An investigation by the secret services now states: There is no evidence that aliens fly through American airspace. An earthly explanation is more likely.

According to a media report, the US secret services report on unknown objects in flight, which is eagerly awaited by the UFO fan community, contains no evidence of extraterrestrial life. As the “New York Times” (NYT) reported, government officials have no explanation for what the unidentified objects in flight sighted by the military are – neither is there any reliable evidence that the objects could have come from aliens. Experts were unable to explain the mysterious movements of the flying objects, wrote the NYT, citing senior government officials.

In total, the report, which has so far been kept secret, is devoted to more than 120 UFO sightings from the past two decades. Some of the unidentified objects in flight attracted attention because of their ridiculously high speeds and their maneuverability. According to the report, it could at least be ruled out that the objects were products of secret US military technology. However, a senior government official told the NYT that there were growing fears that the objects might be related to Chinese or Russian experiments in the field of hypersonic technology.

The report of the US intelligence services is to be presented to the US Congress by June 25th at the latest. As the NYT reported, the appendix to the report remains confidential. Videos released by the Pentagon last year of three objects in flight that had been classified as “unidentified” recently fueled rumors that US intelligence agencies may have information about intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Former US President Barack Obama also joked on a television show in mid-May: “There are some things about aliens that I cannot say here.” What is true, however, is “that there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky that we do not know exactly what they are and that we cannot explain how they move”.

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