Milla Jovovich parodied her 13-year-old daughter: video


The actress decided to switch places with the baby.

Milla Jovovich, like many other Hollywood and not only stars, tries to be in trend. Therefore, she also often appears on her TikTok account. And recently she decided, together with her daughter, 13-year-old Ever Gabo, to switch places. Mother and daughter often love to make fun of each other. Thus, they recorded a video in which the heiress is raising her mother. “I think I make a great impression on her, but her image, in my opinion, is too good,” – said the actress in the video.

As a result, in the new video, Jovovich grimaces, dances for the camera, like a little girl, and the little girl tries to “pacify” her and scolds “daughter” for not cleaning up the room after herself.

Interestingly, both mother and daughter posted this video on their accounts: Milla on Instagram, and Ever on TikTok. At the same time, Jovovich asked her fans to subscribe to her heiress so as not to miss anything interesting. And the star heiress in her microblog signed the video as follows: “If my mother and I changed places” #millajovovich #fyp “.

Recall that Milla Jovovich is a famous Hollywood actress, familiar to the audience for her roles in the films “The Fifth Element”, “Blue Lagoon”, “Resident Evil”. The star is married to director Paul Anderson, with whom she has three children: 13-year-old Ever Gabo, 6-year-old Dashill Eden and one-year-old Oshin Lark Elliot.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Veronica Alpatova

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