Millie Bobby Brown has never watched Harry Potter or the Marvel movies


The artist prefers romantic comedies.

Millie Bobby Brown, actress, star of the series “Stranger Things”, admitted that she had never watched superhero movies, as well as “Harry Potter”. The artist shared her cinematic preferences in an interview with MTV News.

According to Millie, science fiction is not on the list of her interests, as she prefers romantic films most of all. For example, one of the last pictures she saw was “Intimacy” by Mike Nichols, starring Jude Law and Natalie Portman.

Millie Bobby Brown has never watched Harry Potter or Marvel movies

“I’ve never watched a Marvel movie, and I’ve never watched DC Comics. That’s news, I know. It’s not mine, but I’m open to everything. I am rather one of those who prefer the “Memory Diary” “, – admitted the 17-year-old celebrity.

She also noted that she had never seen a single Harry Potter movie. According to her, such preferences are very surprising to her friends, who are perplexed when they learn about the next picture that Millie has not yet seen.

Note that, despite her love of romantic cinema, Millie Bobby Brown is primarily known for her participation in fantastic projects. So, she was made the star of the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, where the actress played a girl with superpowers named Eleven. Also, the artist took part in two films of the Godzilla franchise, the second part of which has recently appeared in the cinema.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Andrey Chapygin

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