Minaj was silent for 3 months after her father’s death

Minaj was silent for 3 months after her father’s death

Not so long ago, 64-year-old Robert, the singer’s father, was hit by a car while walking along Long Island.

Most Devastating Loss: Minaj was silent for 3 months after her father's death

American Nikki Minaj made fans exhale by contacting them after three months of deathly silence.

The new year began for the performer with a tragedy: Nikki’s very young father passed away. 64-year-old Robert was hit by a car while walking on Long Island. The guilty person disappeared.

Only a few days later the police arrested a certain Charles Polevich. During interrogation, the reckless driver first denied everything, and then, having received irrefutable evidence, confessed everything.

Even then, Minaj said that she would not leave this case just like that. At the trial, the singer’s mother demanded compensation of $ 150 million from the culprit.

All this time Nikki was trying to cope with her emotions. For a while, the singer took time out, almost completely abandoning work and communication with the outside world.

Dedicated fans have been eagerly awaiting for Minaj to return and share his feelings.

Recently Nikki announced her readiness to move on. But she told HollywoodLife journalists that she still has not resigned herself to the loss and periodically catches herself thinking that she dreams of hearing her father’s voice.

“It was the most devastating loss of my life. I always feel the need to call him, although I understand that now it is impossible. In this sense, life is a funny thing, ”she stated.

Minaj asked God for her father the best conditions in paradise.

“May his soul rest. We loved him very much, we will miss him very much. Dad, I love you very much and miss you very much, forgive me for everything, ”she drew a line.

Photo source: Photo: Legion-media

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