Missing Navalny doctor reappears

Missing Navalny doctor reappears

He was searched for three days after a hunting expedition in Siberia, now the doctor treating him has been found alive by opposition critic Navalny. He has to go to the hospital first.

A Siberian doctor belonging to government critic Alexej Navalny has reappeared after three days of disappearing. The Russian news agency RIA reported on Monday, citing the regional government, that Alexander Murachowski had been searched for in the forests in the Omsk region in Siberia.

According to the police, the doctor had left a hunting base in an off-road vehicle and was no longer seen. Murachowski left the forest on his own and made contact with residents of a village, the RIA reported. It is in normal condition, but as a precaution it is being examined at the Bolshevovsky hospital.

Murachowski was the chief physician at the hospital in Omsk, to which Navalny was admitted last year after a collapse on a domestic flight. First, Navalny was treated in Omsk, then transferred to the Berlin Charité. There, poisoning with a neurotoxin from the so-called Novitschok group was found. The Moscow government has repeatedly denied allegations that Russian authorities attempted to kill President Vladimir Putin’s critic.

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