Model Brandi Glandville convicted of defiant flirtation with Armie Hammer


Brandy Glandville offers actor Armie Hammer her ribcage.

Over the past few months, American actor Armie Hammer has shocked his Twitter followers with chilling revelations. Apparently, in this way he is trying to attract the attention of the press and finally get into the stars of the first echelon. With enviable regularity, the actor posts posts that he is fond of BDSM practices, and talks about his tendency to cannibalism. This is confirmed by several of his former partners at once. According to them, Hammer was often under the influence of prohibited substances and expressed a desire to drink human blood.

Brandy Glandville, an American fashion model and designer, posted on Twitter a response to the actor’s strange posts: “Dear Arnie Hammer, can you take my ribcage … How did you get hot?”

In the second post, Brandy delves into the topic of cannibalism and says that he does not regret anything: “Obviously, I need my ribcage, but maybe he will get my kidney.”

The model’s subscribers blew up the social network with indignant comments. They wrote that everything is very serious, the actor really has problems and you can’t joke like that, offending his victims. Realizing her mistake, Glandville posted a new post in which she confessed that she had no idea the scale of what was happening: “I just read that he was getting divorced. No more headlines from me! I’ve learned my lesson. “

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Olga Malozemova

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