Moderates are supposed to form a new government

Moderates are supposed to form a new government

Sweden’s government, led by the Social Democrats, has collapsed, and the conservatives could succeed it. The party now has several days to explore.

In Sweden, the chairman of the bourgeois moderates, Ulf Kristersson, has received an exploratory assignment to form a government. Kristersson, who has so far led the opposition, now has until Friday to forge an alliance, announced Parliament President Andreas Norlen. The moderates are the largest opposition party in parliament. Kristersson is supported by the Christian Democrats, Liberals and Sweden Democrats. However, the parties would only get 174 votes in the 349-seat parliament.

Löfven announced his resignation on Monday after having had a week earlier Loss of confidence vote in parliament would have. Löfven had been Prime Minister since 2014, but his minority government made up of Social Democrats and Greens was considered one of the weakest in Sweden for 70 years. It ultimately fell over plans to liberalize the regulated rental market, which the Left Party refused to approve. Lövfen was dependent on the support of the left, liberals and centrists.

The vote of confidence was ultimately requested by the far-right Sweden Democrats. The vote of no confidence was also supported by moderates and Christian Democrats. In the end, 181 of the 349 members of parliament expressed their distrust in Löfven. In order to avert early elections, he submitted his resignation a week later.

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