“More people could die”: Biden laments Trump’s “embarrassing” stubbornness


President-elect Joe Biden wants to get down to business as soon as possible for a smooth start to his presidency. But the current incumbent Donald Trump refuses to contribute.

The elected US President Joe Biden has again urged incumbent Donald Trump to initiate a handover of the business of government. “More people could die if we don’t coordinate,” said Biden on Monday in his hometown of Wilmington, with a view to the corona pandemic. It must be planned now how a future vaccine against the coronavirus will be distributed. “If we have to wait until January 20th (the day he takes office) to start planning, we will lose a month, a month and a half,” said the 77-year-old. Therefore, the Trump administration must work “now” or “as soon as possible” with its transition team.

The coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly in the USA. More than eleven million cases of infection and more than 246,000 corona deaths have now been confirmed, the highest numbers worldwide. There are great hopes for future vaccines: Last week, the Mainz-based pharmaceutical company Biontech and its US partner Pfizer reported that their vaccine candidate had been more than 90 percent effective in trials. The US biotech company Moderna then announced on Monday that its vaccine candidate was almost 95 percent effective.

“Embarrassing for our country”

However, once it has been approved, it will also be important to vaccinate many people quickly – a major logistical challenge. In the USA, Biden insists on being involved as early as possible in the ongoing planning of the government and health authorities. However, Trump has so far blocked a handover of official business to Biden. The 74-year-old incumbent has not yet admitted defeat in the November 3 presidential election. He speaks of alleged election fraud without any evidence and has filed a number of lawsuits.

Biden has repeatedly criticized the behavior of his inferior rival, but at the same time stressed that this did not prevent him from preparing to take office. “It is more embarrassing for our country than it weakens my ability to prepare,” said the former vice president. Trump’s blocking stance has also met with criticism from within his own ranks. In particular, many fear national security threats if Biden and his transition team are not given access to intelligence briefings for the president.

Trump’s National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien promised a smooth transition. “If the Biden-Harris ticket wins, and of course it looks like it now, we will have a very professional transition from the National Security Council, there is no doubt about that,” said O’Brien at the virtual Global Security Forum conference . Kamala Harris is the future Vice President of the USA elected at Biden’s side.

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